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Digital Marketing Specialist experienced in researching and writing about language access-related topics for healthcare, business, and government.
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How Voiance’s Phone Interpretation Can  Benefit BPOs

BPO providers offering contact center support handle hundreds or thousands of phone calls a day on for their clients. And with nearly 60 million US residents preferring a language other [...]
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Why Translation and Localization For Video Game Development Matters

Video games are all about immersion. You can have the most compelling story line, beautifully rendered graphics, and well-crafted characters - but all that authenticity can easily fall [...]
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The Business Case for Supporting Non-English Speaking Customers In-Language

Contact center leadership considering professional interpretation and translation services sometimes ask us whether the investment is worthwhile. We created our E-book, The Business Case [...]
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Voiance: Qualified Interpreters for State and Local Agencies

State and local agencies understand the need for language interpretation and document translation: They need to communicate with all residents, not just those who can read English and speak [...]
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How Your Interpretation Provider May Be Compromising Your Operations

Does your contact center offer interpreters to non-English speaking callers? Most do, and for good reason – one in five US residents today speaks a language other than English at home, and [...]
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Is Your Document Translation Process Straightforward and Secure?

As an organization that services non-English-speaking customers, you need your marketing brochures, contracts, notification letters, and websites translated accurately, securely, and [...]
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Is Your Language Services Provider Hurting Customer Satisfaction?

Could your choice of language services provider damage your customer satisfaction scores?
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How Long Should It Take Your Agents to Reach an Interpreter

In a contact center environment, Average Handle Time (AHT) is king. Centers operate on tight margins, necessitating that every call be handled efficiently to keep the queue clear. Today, [...]
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Will Excelling at Multilingual Support Impact Contact Center Bottom Lines?

From Voiance's ICMI Whitepaper: "Research shows that the United States is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world with 80% of foreign-born Americans speaking a [...]
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Why Switch to Voiance | A Resource For Contact Centers

“What’s it like to switch to Voiance?”
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