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Helping Your Agents Use Phone Interpretation Effectively (Part 1)

Are your agents using multilingual support, including phone interpretation, in the most effective way possible? This is a question many contact center leaders - despite having made the [...]
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Voiance: Texas DIR-Contracted Interpretation and Translation Solutions

Government agencies in Texas understand the need for language interpretation and document translation as part of their day-to-day operations. After all, they serve and communicate [...]
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What Makes Voiance the Choice of Top Health Insurers?

Member support is a key component of providing health insurance in the US. Many find the industry confusing, and that leads to questions. Traditionally, most of those questions have been [...]
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Voiance: Language Solutions for IT Customer Support

IT providers tend to field a lot of customer support calls; IT seems complicated to outsiders, and that leads to questions. And in 2019, it’s likely that many of those questions won’t be in [...]
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Phone Interpretation for the Pharmaceutical Industry | Why Voiance?

Most pharmaceutical operations take customer support calls. And in the US heading into 2019, many of these calls are likely to come in a language other than English. Is your organization [...]
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Metrics for Legal Operations Choosing a Translation Partner

Practicing law means meeting clients where they are in life. And in a nation where nearly 60 million US residents speak a language other than English at home, being able to communicate [...]
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What Manufacturers Should Consider When Choosing Translation Providers

Manufacturing and selling in today’s market is often an international endeavor. Sellers looking to expand their capabilities overseas and infiltrate new markets will need to partner with a [...]
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How Voiance’s Phone Interpretation Can  Benefit BPOs

BPO providers offering contact center support handle hundreds or thousands of phone calls a day on for their clients. And with nearly 60 million US residents preferring a language other [...]
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Why Translation and Localization For Video Game Development Matters

Video games are all about immersion. You can have the most compelling story line, beautifully rendered graphics, and well-crafted characters - but all that authenticity can easily fall [...]
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The Business Case for Supporting Non-English Speaking Customers In-Language

Contact center leadership considering professional interpretation and translation services sometimes ask us whether the investment is worthwhile. We created our E-book, The Business Case [...]
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