What Manufacturers Should Consider When Choosing Translation Providers

Dec 5, 2018

Translation and localization for manufacturing

Manufacturing and selling in today’s market is often an international endeavor. Sellers looking to expand their capabilities overseas and infiltrate new markets will need to partner with a professional language services provider for translation and localization services for things like:

  • Supplier selection and relationships
  • Web presence and marketing materials
  • Instruction manuals, user guides, FAQs, and other print materials

Here are a few factors manufacturers may want to consider when selecting a translation and localization partner – and why we believe Voiance is the right choice:


Securing the translation and localization work you need to promote your products internationally shouldn’t be a hassle. Voiance recently launched our new Customer Portal to make communication between our clients and our translation team faster, easier, and more secure.

Using the Portal, our clients can:

Voiance submit translation project Voiance secure file upload Voiance view usage reports
Quickly Submit Projects or Request a Quote Securely Upload Source Files View Reports on Translation Usage and Costs

The Portal increases transparency by allowing clients to track each in-progress project through the translation process. Clients can also review, leave feedback, and download all previously completed projects, helping them to get translated content to their customers faster.


Translation for manufacturing requires a high level of accuracy, as these translations often involve instruction manuals, user guides, and product specification. Even a small mistake could render the product unusable in an international setting.

Translations from Voiance pass through a system of checks and balances for quality assurance and control. In addition to vetting our translators, we employ project managers, editors, reviewers, and proofreaders to review each job for accuracy, quality, and visual cohesion. More people checking and double-checking each translation project reduces the likelihood that typos, inaccuracies, and visual mistakes will occur.

Privacy and Security

Submitting materials for translation means handing them over to a third party. Sometimes, translation requests from manufacturers contain proprietary, protected, or nonpublic information, so it’s essential that your translation partner takes steps to keep your data secure.

Voiance has secured ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and 17100:2015 Translation Services certifications to help protect client data.

Ready to learn more about how Voiance can help your manufacturing operation? Contact translation expert Alejandro Sanchez de Los Reyes today:

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(520) 745-9447 x4438 Learn about our secure Customer Portal

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