Sep 15, 2015

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Recently, Voiance sponsored a webinar with author and consultant Dianne Durkin. Titled The Loyalty Factor, the webinar centered on the idea that employee loyalty leads to customer satisfaction, which in turn builds brand loyalty. Dianne’s focus was on the first step in the process, explaining that employee loyalty begins with employee engagement.

First, the problem: 51% of employees are not engaged in their current jobs, resulting in $300 billion in loss of productivity every year. Dianne sought to remedy this engagement deficit, providing
attendees with steps to motivate employees and empower their workforces:

1)     Ask

The first step to engaging employees is asking quality questions. Requesting employees’ input shows that you care about their opinions, and gives them a chance to influence the direction of the organization.

2)     Listen

In addition to asking the right questions, you must also listen and heed employee responses. This allows you to identify the areas of the organization that need improving. Employees’ responses to your questions can focus your efforts when defining the company’s purpose.

3)     Engage/Empower/Enrich

Empowering your employees means giving them power to influence change. When employees feel heard and see their suggestions being implemented, they develop a feeling of ownership. The result: an increased level of engagement and dedication to the organization. Employees who were previously disengaged may begin giving 100% to the company because they feel that they have helped shape it.

4)     Create a Positive Environment

A positive environment stems from a foundation of trust. Trust is the framework of a successful organization, and makes your employees feel comfortable sharing their opinions and concerns with you. Trust keeps you in contact with your workforce, and makes employees feel empowered.

The Takeaway? Ask the Right Questions

Dianne heavily emphasized that this process begins with asking quality questions. Trust, engagement, and empowerment all are a result of asking the right questions of your employees, and taking their answers to heart.

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Written by Regina Wetzel

An experienced researcher, writer, and editor on language services-related topics, specializing in how language works and translation services.