Aug 29, 2014


Voiance recently sponsored a webinar with author Stan Phelps focusing on his latest and final book in his Goldfish Trilogy, What’s your Golden Goldfish?

Golden Goldfish focuses on the little extras that you can give both your customer and employees to help drive Loyalty and Referrals for your company. They are all centered around the “80/20 Rule” in which 80% of your referrals will come from 20% of your customers.

Here are a few of our favorite Golden Goldfish or “Little Extras” from the webinar.

Little Extras for Customers:

    1. Throw In’s– The example Stan gave for this was the Wichita Thunder hockey team. One season they gave all their season ticket holders a custom
      Thunder jersey with the purchase of their season tickets. These jerseys had microchips in them that allowed the season ticket holders to get discounts on merchandise and food at the games.
    2. Follow Up/Thank You’s– Maker’s Mark has a Brand Ambassador Program where members get their name printed on a new barrel of whiskey. It takes about 6-7 years for the barrel to be ready to tap, but when it is ready, they give the named Brand Ambassador the first bottle from “their” barrel. They also give them the opportunity to go to the factory to take a tour and seal their own bottle. It’s a follow up and an extra “Thank you” for their dedication to the brand.
    3. Convenience– Disney has a program called “Extra Magic Hours” for their most loyal customers to join at all their parks. This allows the members extra time to spend in the parks, giving them a one-hour early start and the ability to stay 1-2 hours after close. These members have bracelets that store all their information and act as their fast pass for each of the parks, making their trip much more convenient and easy every time.

Little Extras for Employees:

  1. Flexibility- The example for this was the “Katy’s Gotta Go” rule at Google. The CEO a few years back developed this rule to help bring time management to the employees, creating a better work/life balance for them. This rule allowed people to leave, even if they were in the middle of a meeting, if they had arranged plans or if their day was over. Respecting the time of your employees and their demands outside of work helps your employees feel less stressed and more in control of their work and lives.

The closing lesson that Stan shared was from the CEO of Enterprise Rent-a-Car. He said, “Take care of your customers AND employees and the profits will follow.” Stan amended this by adding “best” in front of customers and employees. Take care of your best or your top 20% and you will see success.

For the rest of Stan Phelps’ keys to driving loyalty and referrals, please check out his book,What’s your Golden Goldfish: The Vital Few: All Customers and Employees are Not Created Equal.

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