Feb 3, 2015


Most of us are all too aware of the drastic climate changes that have recently affected parts of the US: the devastating wildfires that periodically threaten California, and the near-unprecedented cold front which rendered much of the country frozen solid this past winter. In addition, there are the less predictable disasters: floods, hurricanes, tornadoes – how is Voiance equipped to handle such threats?

Luckily, adverse events like the ones mentioned above are extremely rare (hence the national attention), but we still have a system in place to handle them if and when they do happen. Our multi-million dollar data center and communication platform focuses on business continuity and system redundancy. We guarantee 99.999% system availability. Within the last few years, our system has successfully withstood vendor failure and external damage to telecommunication lines with no downtime. Our fault-tolerant telephone and networking systems have never experienced any downtime since the implementation of this architecture.

 Following a best practices model, we have a disaster response plan so our employees are protected in the event of an emergency, from storms, fires, and floods, to power outages, security breaches, and bomb threats.  We test our disaster recovery plans continually as part of our standard operations, and this plan covers all areas of our business and operations.

As for our services, each of our contact and data centers has been built with redundant infrastructure. Each inbound trunk group is configured with Direct Termination Overflow (DTO) to automatically route calls to the next available networked data center facility in the event one experiences an emergency or disaster. All our client-facing solutions are provided using this distributed architecture to provide high availability with no single point failure.

When weather hazards hit, emergencies follow, and many victims rely on companies like Voiance to bridge the gap between them and the help they need. We take that responsibility seriously, and have chosen our center locations and invested in infrastructure to ensure we will always be there when needed.

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Written by CyraCom, LLC

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