How Adapting to Changing Demographics Can Boost Business

Oct 2, 2018


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Does your business provide multilingual support?

What is your company doing for the growing population of minority customers, including those who may not speak English?

Catering to Multilingual Consumers

Regardless of the language they speak, your customers will expect a certain level of customer service. If a multilingual consumer has a question/concern and their language is not available on your website, their next step is to call. When they call, will someone on the other line be able to help them? Even if they are bilingual, there are times when your employees may not be able to help. Voiance has the resources and trained interpreters to assist you in these situations and help earn their business.

By Partnering with Voiance, you can:

  • Access hundreds of languages - we operate 24/7/365
  • Call into a secure infrastructure that has processes to promote confidentiality
  • Work with culturally competent employee interpreters with 120 hours of classroom training
  • Request written translation for marketing materials, customer forms, and other vital documents
Increased Customer Satisfaction

Dedication to great multilingual support promotes diversity – leading to a competitive advantage. The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) reports that multilingual support influences customer satisfaction.

Over 400 contact center leaders said that multilingual support:


              Increases loyalty                 to the brand



Positively impacts non-English speaking customers

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Improves satisfaction with customer support


Growing Multilingual Population

By the year 2060, the US Government estimates there will be 44 to 69 million foreign-born Americans in the United States. This multilingual population will bring cultural and linguistic backgrounds to their retail experience.

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There are companies in the US working to accommodate multilingual consumers. Companies such as UBER, EBay, and Airbnb currently have over 25 language offerings and others will likely follow. Let Voiance help you cater to your multilingual consumers, giving you the opportunity to increase your market share and gain a competitive advantage.


Contact Ryan Levasseur, Senior Sales Consultant for more information about why Voiance is the right partner for you. 


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Written by Ashley Harris

CyraCom/Voiance researcher, author, and editor.