A Visual Case for Quality Multilingual Support for P&C Carriers

Jun 12, 2018

We've written before about the need for quality multilingual support in the contact centers operated by property and casualty insurance carriers. "Quality" is key: the solution selected should take into account reliability (ensuring it's available when you need it) and security (so that the partnership doesn't compromise your customers' private information).

Good writing has its place, but sometimes a visual representation is needed to make the case. Here's an infographic to share with your team, designed to illustrate the need for quality multilingual support in a P&C organization:

P&C Insurance_Infographic v6-01 770px

Need more evidence to make the case for quality multilingual support? Give a listen to this episode of the Claims Journal Podcast, featuring a discussion on the need for language access from a former manager with a top-five US auto insurer. Then, contact our resident property and casualty consultant to learn more about a relationship with Voiance.

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Written by Graham Newnum

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